Something Strange & Shameful In my Trousers

It happened without incident so I guess it really didn't happen after all. But enough about denial. It happened, didn't it? I was in my car at a stoplight the candle. I happened to look out my window, at least I assumed it was MY window since the car was registered as a sex offender for indecent exposure to aviary fecal matter. I NEVER wash my car unless it's a condition of parole, but I looked out my window washer dryer unit and saw her in the next lane across my laptop of the hill at a busy intersection of the morning paper weight here until I call for you. Sometimes the mind makes odd associations you know, I mean there she was in all her skin deep space nine o'clock in the evening of our discontent dress and I guess it was the way I looked up her dress socks in the dictionary that got my pants to shrink wrapped around her little finger twitched and the light turned green before I could get her number. Bless me Father for I have sinned?

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Mike Welch

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